Christian Alfred Berndt Reimann and Elizabeth Mary Saunders

Married 6-Oct-2001

Husband:   Christian Alfred Berndt Reimann

Born: 29-Mar-1962
Father: Arnold ("Snus") Edger J. Reimann
Mother: Winifred ("Winnie") Dorothy Lilly

265 Hasenwinkel Road, Comfort, TX. 78013  USA
Christian  A. B. Reimann
P.O. Box 307
Comfort TX
78013 USA
Phone & Fax 830-995-2466      Phone 830-995-2336

Wife:   Elizabeth Mary Saunders

Born: 29-Apr-1970

Her parents are Mary Lou and George Saunders. Siblings are Theresa , Robert
and Christopher Saunders, Gayle Swann, Catherine Ghiselli.