Pictures taken in Italy (2002):

AUT_6904 Pantheon.JPG (69082 byte) AUT_6908 St. Peters Cathedral, the dome is 80 meters high.JPG (90202 byte) AUT_6914 Looking down from the rim of St. Peters Cathedral.JPG (99110 byte) AUT_7105 Amalfi coast.JPG (33524 byte) AUT_7118 Morning view from our hotel room in Positano.JPG (51938 byte) AUT_7122 The hotel restaurant sets the tables for breakfast. .JPG (59808 byte) AUT_7208 Cimentary at Positano. Beautiful location.JPG (46168 byte) AUT_7213 One of the many old buildings along the Amalfi coast.JPG (83702 byte)
AUT_7415 Cat and mouse hunt. Ready to attack.JPG (76363 byte) AUT_7413 Cat and mouse hunt.JPG (68662 byte) AUT_7417 Cat and mouse hunt. Watch that claw.JPG (65704 byte) AUT_7419 Cat and mouse hunt. Stepping on the tail of the mous.JPG (68078 byte) AUT_7504 Sun reflects in ocean. Amalfi.JPG (68436 byte) whereisandrew.jpg (93348 byte)