Homepages with affiliation to myself:

  • EducAid  -  fund raising for higher education (click)

  • Oscar Valdemar Reimann Family Foundation (click)

  • Support to Elijah and Angel (click)

  • Reimann family tree (click)

  • E/F Niels Hemmingsensgade 3 (click)

  • Viggo Knuth & Ellehammer, airplane pioneers, article by Ole Bang (click)

  • Lektor Blomme, alias Valdemar Bang, article by Ole Bang (click)

  • Arctic Solar (click)

  • Løbeklubben Løbsk (click)

  • Løbeklubben På Pumperne (click)

  • Photo Work Space (click)

  • Riddles (clickIndian model Tinu Verghis (click) Tinu Verghese (click)

  • Video clips (fun, physics)

  • Miraklet i Valby, 1989 movie (click)

Other links:

  • Green flights with CO2-certificates (click)

  • Development aid bank, Oikos (click)

  • Formulas - in Danish (click)

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