Family Foundation for the trueborn descendants of

O.V. Reimann


In 1930, the Oscar Valdemar Reimann family foundation was established in Denmark for the sole benefit of his trueborn descendants in Denmark and around the World. The definition of trueborn descendants includes adopted children registrede and acknowledged as such by the authorities. 

Application form

The following two purposes are specifically mentioned in the family foundation's constitution as worthy of financial support:

  1. Higher education for those who show outstanding talent
  2. The financial needy

The family foundation's constitution also stipulates that the allocation of the funds is entirely at the discretion of the Oscar Valdemar Reimann family foundation board. The current practise is to prioritise applications for higher education purposes only, whereafter the remainder of the annual funds will be allocated in equal propotions to the five family branches formed by the children of Oscar Valdemar Reimann. 

DOWNLOAD the application form here: [2021]

The application deadline for Higher Education for those who show outstanding talent is by end of August each year. The annual payout of funds is in the month of January each year.

Board members

  • Lars Reimann
  • Gregers Reimann

(page last updated: Jan 2022)