Reimann Family Tree

The Reimann family tree dates back to year 1725, namely with the birth of Christian Reimann, who immigrated from Northern Germany to live in Copenhagen, Denmark. Several Reimann generations followed living in and around Copenhagen. Today, while most descendants are still based in Denmark, some live around the World. Hence, the decision to create this homepage in English.

The two family tree versions are:

  • 1996 version: [pdf]

  • MyHeritage:  [online]
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Family Graveyard

The grave of Arnold Eugene Reimann is found on Assistens Kirkegård (Assistens graveyard) in Copenhagen, Denmark. See photos and instructional video.


Watch short video of how to find the family grave: [youtube video]

Refer to online map for family grave location: [strava map]

Notable persons

The Reimann family has had some notable and interesting members over the years. Stay tuned for more information about:

  • Christiane Reimann 
    Founder of the "Nobel Prize" equivalent in nursing (Wikipedia)

  • Arnod Eugen Reimann

  • Oscar Valdemar Reimann